Great Fire of London drama

The children acted out scenes from the Great Fire of London.

Book and Tell today

Z shared his book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick. The illustrations are wonderful and the story involves an automaton. Many of the children hadn’t heard of them so I showed them this video I found about an automaton at a museum in the States. It’s absolutely astonishing how complex the old ones are:

Friday 17th January

The children have been learning about the Great Fire Of London using a cooperative learning structure called Listen, Sketch, Retell.

The children are given a piece of information. They then do a quick sketch to help them remember that information and then they retell the information to their partner using their sketch.

Do ask them what they’ve learned about the Great Fire! Hopefully they will have remembered!

Friday 17th January

I’m experiencing technical difficulties at the moment whilst posting. Sorry for the ‘test’ post – hopefully I’ll find out what the problem is.

The children have been learning about division for the past couple of weeks. They started with sharing, then moved onto grouping (as shown in the videos). For the past couple of days they have been learning to count on in groups. This is the most efficient way to divide by a single digit number (as long as you know your times tables).

So, 12 divided by 3 would entail counting in 3s: 3…6…9…12 – so 4 lots of 3.