Friday 3rd April.

Friday 3rd April 2020

Tasks for today:



This weeks’ spellings. All ending in ‘ies’

babies, copies, jellies,parties, stories, carries, ladies, puppies, tries, cherries, flies, lollies,replies, worries, cities, hurries, lorries, skies, spies


Today’s lesson is all about fractions. 

Firstly, watch today’s video:

As a warm-up, please can you draw some shapes (circles, rectangles, squares) and shade in halves, quarters or thirds and write the fraction next to it. 

Please copy these out and calculate them. If you need to, draw a rectangle and split into the correct equal parts (according to the denominator) and share the amount.


Today you are going to finish off writing your instructions by:

Writing step by step instructions and writing down any extras or alternatives that you can do to change the recipe. Look at my example.

Creative task

We have two for you today which you might like to try.

Firstly, Miss Patrut shows you how to make an Easter Bunny.

Here are the videos:

Part 1 

Part 2 

Secondly, you might like to make an Easter Bonnet! This is a Rosendale tradition and you can get creative with the things you have at home.